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What's the Difference? Happy Clamping!

Updated: Dec 27, 2022

New tools available: "GW Happy Clamper" and "GW DiffClamp"

Happy Clamper

Download ZIP • 881B

This is a simple but hand tool which will clamp the alpha in the stream based on the value that you set: everything above that value is clamped to 1.00 (with some extra controls for eroding or expanding and blurring the alpha)

Use Case

This is handy to have when you need a very clean/hard alpha with no semi-transparency (for example when you need to add grain or when you have an IBK mask or any situation where a soft edge won't work).

**Quick note: I have included a Blur option just in case - for example, if you have a wide range of alpha that you want to pull up to 1 then soften that edge a little - goes without saying but use this with caution in instances where you need hard edges :)**

GW DiffClamp

Download ZIP • 2KB

Difference keyer with clamping controls.

This is a handy tool for when you need to quickly extract a difference-based alpha and clamp the output based on custom settings.

There are two methods available depending on whether you need a hard or softer edge alpha.

You can then either

1) Clamp the outgoing alpha based on a minimum value (all alpha pixels below this will be clamped to 1).

2) Use the Gain slider to create a softer alpha based on the difference between inputs.

CLAMP VALUES (Hard Edge) Controls:

USE GAIN (Soft Edge) Controls:

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