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GW Tools

Below are the tools and gizmo's which I have developed. You can download them from here directly or from Nukepedia by clicking the link.

GW Despill (Latest Version = V2.1)

Direct Download

Download ZIP • 7KB

**Full breakdown of the tool can be found here (note that breakdown is for V1 but is still applicable as there and no major changes to the makeup except to remove IBK edge Extend)


Updated spill colour correction - Now leverages the power of SpinFX spill correction to assist with post despill correction. This is not activated by default - just press the "Activate spill correction" checkbox to unlock options and controls

Improved masking controls - now you can choke or expand your mask directly from the control panel without the need to add more nodes.

Removed IBK Edge Extend - this proved to be too unreliable to keep in the tool so removed to avoid issues and keep the tool as simple to use as possible - now there is no need to cleanplate (CP) input.

General responsiveness and performance improvements - cleaned up and refined code to make it more performant.

GW Gradehelper

Direct Download

**More information about this tool here**

Download ZIP • 1KB

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